AED 1,150 / month

Accounting Entry
(Back Office)

Regular Update
(Real Time Bookkeeping)

Xero Accounting Software

Profit & Loss
Balancesheet (By Email)

Data uploading by client

Upto 300 Transactions/Month



AED 1,450 / month

Accounting Entry
(Back Office)

Regular Update
(Real Time Bookkeeping)

Xero Accounting Software

Profit & Loss
Balancesheet (By Email)

Data uploading by client

Data collection and uploading by Brooks team on weekly basis

Upto 1 Bank Reconcilations

Upto 500 Transactions/Month



AED 2,250 / month

Accounting Entry
(Client Location)

Regular Update
(Real Time Bookkeeping)

Xero Accounting Software

Profit & Loss
Balancesheet (in Person)

Reconciliation of Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable (Monthly)

Data collection and uploading by Brooks team on weekly basis

Upto 3 Bank Reconcilations

Cash Book Reconcilations

Upto 1000 Transactions/Month



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Accounting Entry
(Back Office)

Accounting Entry
(Client Location)

Any Accounting Software

Regular Update
(Real Time Bookkeeping)

Profit & Loss –  Balancesheet (By Email)

Profit & Loss – Balancesheet (in Person)

Reconciliation of Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable (Monthly)

Data uploading by client

Data collection and uploading by Brooks team on weekly basis

Unlimited Bank Reconcilations

Cash Book Reconcilations

Year end accounts


Staff payroll / WPS

Part time CFO

Visit Frequency

Unlimited Transactions/Month

What is VAT?

VAT is Value-added tax, known in some countries as a goods and services tax (GST) is a type of general consumption tax on Goods and Services.

VAT (Value-added tax) will become an integral part of businesses in the UAE on January 1st, 2018.

While offering limited exceptions to some categories including basic food items, healthcare, and education, VAT (Value-added tax) will be collected at the rate of 5 %.

The new VAT system will be implemented across the GCC countries, although possibly on different dates, at different rates.

All business in UAE need to mandatory register for VAT (Value-added tax) if your annual expected or actual turnover of taxable goods and services exceeds AED 375,000 (USD 100,000).

Tax Obligations:

Businesses shall keep accounting records, commercial books and tax-related information as specified in the respective tax law.

Our Services:

Once the appropriate systems and processes are in place, Brooks can help with the administration of VAT in your business, to ensure you comply with the new requirements such as:

  • How to charge VAT (Value-added tax) on supplies at the correct rate
  • How to calculate VAT (Value-added tax)deductible on purchases
  • How to calculate the overall net amount to pay and refund the VAT (Value-added tax)
  • Submitting VAT (Value-added tax) and returns showing the required information
  • Paying the net amount of VAT (Value-added tax ) due within the prescribed deadlines
  • Keeping the correct documentation in relation to invoices, records, account, VAT (Value-added tax) returns

Lack of familiarity with VAT (Value-added tax) is a significant obstacle, particularly for businesses that have relatively basic accounting systems, and some small businesses may not even keep formal records. Expert advice and guidance is needed so that businesses can map their activities and understand their VAT liabilities across the supply chain.

Businesses in UAE would be well advised to seek professional help as soon as possible.

Internal Auditing Services

From the past years of immense experience and professional knowledge in Auditing segment, we have tailor made services with the most credible approach. Internal auditing is a monitoring activity on the adequacy and effectiveness of the accounting and internal control systems. The recent survey conducted by the United Nations Organization (UNO) says the main reason for failure of most of small and medium organization in the UAE is due to the vulnerable accounting and internal control system so that internal auditing is vital to every organization as it is an integral part of the internal control system. Though the companies comprise of accountants generally don’t possess internal auditors within the company to analyze an internal checks due to financial limitations. Brooks comprise of experienced and qualified internal audit professionals who can provide the best service than any others with the affordable price by SME.


  • Supervision and review the work of accounting staffs
  • Ensuring all revenues earned and expense incurred during the period has been properly recorded
  • Examine all the payments are made with supporting documents and proper authorization
  • Check sales invoices are made with correct price, quantity and quality as per sales order
  • Reconciliation of balance sheet accounts
  • Preparation of adjusting and closing entries
  • Inventory control
  • Evaluating the existing internal control system if necessary suggesting a new internal control system
  • Providing an internal audit report monthly with recommendations


Additional Services

  • Fraud
  • Malpractices
  • Mistakes
  • Abnormal Wastage
  • Misappropriation Assets
  • Noncompliance with law
  • Recommendations

Financial Management Services

It’s really important to obtain the right financial reports in order to continually make adjustments and better decisions for the future health of your business. However, the data is usually too complex to comprehend, making it difficult for anyone without accounting expertise to gain useful, actionable information. Brooks professionals deliver you the accounting insight and analysis you need through easy-to-understand accounting solutions. These include graphical displays of your financial information that’s accessible any time you need it. We provide you with financial benchmarking through information on accounts receivable, accounts payable, income statement and balance sheet metrics. To manage your business, you need relevant financial data that’s delivered in real time.


We provide following services to our clients:

  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Valuations
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Financial Analysis and Modeling
  • Working Capital Management
  • Business Plan
  • Cost Management
  • Feasibility Report
  • Liaison with your Bankers for Financial Needs Facilities and Loans
  • Consulting for Incorporations & liquidations of Limited Liability Companies
  • Due Diligence & Compliance related services

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Brooks offers a wide range of accounting solutions for all your business requirements that varies on a start-up small and medium size business or an existing established business in need of bookkeeping services, we can offer you a convenient bookkeeping solution. We provide you with easy access to qualified, seasoned bookkeepers and accounting experts despite of hiring them permanently on your payroll for your requirements.


Though you have an established business and your in-house bookkeeper/accountant is not sufficiently qualified or is unable to keep pace with the work flow, we can provide the most efficient accounting and bookkeeping solutions at jaw dropping rate. We will help you reduce costs and manage your books efficiently.


We deal with all well-known software programs like, Xero, Peachtree/Sage 50, QuickBooks, Tally, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and other popular accounting applications.


As a business owner, we know you have a lot resting on your shoulders. We want to help alleviate the stress involved with managing your tax and accounting needs. Leave those worries to us, trusted professionals dedicated to your ongoing success. We offer sound, accurate reporting with critical analysis so you always know where you stand financially. And we’re there for you throughout the year to offer insightful counsel, assisting with all your important financial decisions. With our experts in place, you can do what you enjoy best…focus on the day-to-day activities for your business while we handle our area of expertise—your financial well-being.

CFO Services

Companies succeed because they are great at what they do, and typically not so good at the financial side of business.


Most companies do not need a full-time Chief Financial Officer [CFO]; however, they do need great financial leadership on a part time basis. Our Outsource / Part-Time CFO services are tailored to come alongside companies with just the right financial expertise for the amount of time they need.


Some examples of CFO leadership that Brooks delivers are:


A. Business Plan

    1. 5 year Company business plan
    2. Annual Budgets
    3. Monthly Review Meetings


B. Fund Raising

    1. Raising/ Restructuring Bank loans
    2. Private Equity
    3. Assistance with Merger / Take Over


C. Business Decision Making Support

    1. MIS Reports
    2. Customer and Product Profitability
    3. Treasury Management
    4. Recruitment of a professional Top Management team
    5. Performance Management systems for employees


D. Deal Assistance

    1. Liaison with potential acquirers, targets or collaborators
    2. Liaison with foreign partners
    3. Deal negotiations with vendors and customers


E. Business Process Improvement

    1. Improvements in existing Business Processes
    2. Risk Management
    3. Cost reduction and efficiency improvement
    4. Product and Customer rationalization
    5. ERP/BI Tool implementations

Payroll Services

We provide the payroll services and solutions to start-ups as well as established companies and organizations of all sizes. Brooks recognizes the demand to customize payroll services to fulfill the customer’s requirements based on the organization. Our goal is to provide a complete professional service with a personal touch. We are always at your reach to assist your organization for a smooth run and we reduce the stress of keeping up with changing rules and regulations. Set your mind at ease on payday and assign the best to run your business smoothly. We find time to analyze your business initially in order to customize payroll services to your exact business requirements which ensures that we provide the most effective services to the core.


Our Service Include

  • Master data Processed to current month’s payroll
  • Calculation of overtime, leave pay and terminal benefits
  • Verification of gross payroll
  • Calculation of the gross to net
  • Calculation of net payments and deductions
  • Individual employee’s pay sheets
  • Calculation Employees Terminal Benefits
  • WPS Services

Fund / Investment Management Services

You have meaningful goals. Our Financial Advisors can help you reach them. For many years, we have worked with individuals, families, businesses and institutions—to deliver services and solutions that help build, preserve and manage investments. We understand our clients’ aspirations, and we’re as devoted to their goals as they are.

Brooks Management Consultancies strives to provide outstanding long-term investment performance, service and a comprehensive suite of investment management solutions to a diverse client base, which includes governments, institutions, corporations, and individuals worldwide. Industry differentiation


Other Services

  • Company Formations and Setup
  • Winding up & Liquidations
  • Accounting Software Selection & Implementation
  • Other adhoc requirements